5 Events Worth Launching in your Rummy Groups

If you have always been crazy about Indian rummy, you may always seek excuses to mingle with other rummy lovers. The clubs, groups and now rummy apps come up with all sorts of interesting events that entice rummy players. Here we have listed out some interesting events you can always launch in your rummy groups. Check them out and suggest some interesting twists for the same if you come across any:

A Rummy Quiz

A rummy quiz can be an interesting event to launch in your rummy groups. You can plan the event such that there are 10 questions in each round. Once you complete a round, you qualify to the next round. At the end of all the rounds, you are declared the final winner. Here are some questions you may include in a rummy quiz:

Q1: What is a Meld?

Q2: What is a Life?

Q3: What is the difference between Pure Sequence and Real Sequence?

Q4: What is a Pulled-Out Joker?

Q5: What is a Pool Rummy?

Q6: What is a Deals Rummy?

Q7: What is an Open Card?

Q8: What is a Disposed Pile?

Q9: What is a Face Card?

Q 10: Where did Rummy originate?

A Rummy Tournament

If you have many keen rummy players in your group, a rummy tournament is sure to entertain them all. To make the tournament more exciting, you can include several levels in the tournament. You must decide the levels based on the number of players participating in the tournament. You can decide a big cash prize for the winner of the tournament if you wish to attract more participants for the event.

Rummy Fans Poster Contest

Rummy lovers would love to express their love through beautiful posters. All you need to do is give them an opportunity. They will surely come up with interesting proverbs and nice catchy taglines that instantly draw all your attention. These proverbs can later be used to customise t-shirts or make whacky posters for rummy websites.

Rummy Art Contest

In the recent past, rummy lovers are expressing their love for the game through art too. You maybe astounded to find a multitude of artistic creations that clearly reflect the love for rummy. There are countless murals, coasters, coffee tables and furniture items that clearly reflect love for rummy. Call out to all the artists in your rummy group and organise an art festival. Be surprised by the colourful and artistic creations that you get to encounter.

Rummy Party

If you wish to invite all your rummy friends for a casual get-together, there could be nothing better than a rummy party. This could be a great way to meet your old pals and to chill out. Here are some simple suggestions to make the rummy party even more exciting:

  • Decide a fancy-dress theme related to rummy
  • Select décor to create the right ambience for playing cards
  • Organise a few rummy sessions that everyone will enjoy
  • Select food and beverages that suit everyone’s taste buds and choices
  • Pick return gifts like card shufflers or playing card holders that everyone is sure to appreciate
  • Prepare a poster for the party a few weeks before the event and invite suggestions from all participants

If you involve more people in the process of organising an event, there are greater chances of it being successful. When everyone gets to contribute, new ideas are voiced. This makes the event much better than it would otherwise have been. When different people contribute their ideas and suggestions, the best is bound to come out.